Yamazaki mizunara 2022 edition




Yamazaki mizunara 2022 edition

Yamazaki MIZUNARA 2022 Edition bottles showcase our unique mizunara cask-infused blend. This special edition features a new blend of whisky matured in mizunara oak, developed by our master blenders.

We are excited about the arrival of the much-anticipated Yamazaki Mizunara, released in Spring 2019. The whisky was aged in a mizunara cask from the first release in 2017 and has been bottled at an abv of 43%, with only 4,000 bottles available for sale.

Yamazaki mizunara edition is a tribute to the beauty of nature in Japan. It is the result of a collaboration between Suntory and Masataka Taketsuru, the founder of Nikka Whisky Distilling Co. The whisky is aged in cask made from Japanese oak. They are called Mizunara casks because they are produced using the rare Kyo-Oak trees found only in Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture.

A superb and distinctively rich malt that’s an exceptional marriage of the mellow funkiness of Japanese cedar wood with the notes of spiced honey and juicy fruit.

In the ultimate expression of Japanese tradition, Yamazaki Mizunara Oak 18 Years is a single malt whisky that has been matured exclusively in Japan’s legendary Mizunara oak casks. This limited edition marks the 20th anniversary of Yamazaki 18 Years Old, and is a very rare opportunity to try an exclusive version of this iconic whisky.

The sequel to the most sought-after edition of Yamazaki Single Malt: Yamazaki Mizunara. This new edition is aged in a single cask and released on the same date as its predecessor to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our original 1989 release.

this is a limited edition japan whisky that has been aged in mizunara oak casks. it has a high smokiness and deep sense of rpundness to it which becomes more pronounced as time wears on. the whisky always comes with a beautiful box,

Originally distilled in April of 2016 and released in December 2017, this limited edition whisky is the result of Yamazaki distillers experimenting with mizunara oak, a wood that rarely sees use at Yamazaki or any other distillery in Japan. The resulting whisky took on characteristics of the wood itself, with hints of dry grass, spiced raisin cake, cinnamon spice cake and orange peel.

The Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition #2022 celebrates more than 30 years of Mizunara expression. The blend is exclusive and limited to purely Japanese Mizunara oak aged for at least 12 years. A natural seasoned cask, with its elegant raw aroma, it provides a subtle smoky character with impressive depth and structure.

Yamazaki 18 mizunara cask

The Yamazaki Mizunara Cask is a limited edition blended whisky. Each year the distilleries releases a new limited edition with its own unique flavor profile and packaging design. The Yamazaki 18 Mizunara Cask combines Japanese malt whiskies aged in sherry casks with Japanese barley malt whiskies matured in satsuma orange blossom wood casks. The result is a complex blend that conveys both fruity malt and woody notes in its smell. Its taste is as intriguing as its appearance, full of honeyed sweetness, but underlined by rich grain notes which linger on the back palate for quite some time.

The Yamazaki 18 is a whisky made to be enjoyed by the most discerning of palates, with a relatively high price tag and exclusive distribution by Suntory. While it’s not as good as some of the other whiskies in its class, it is still a very good choice for people who want to enjoy single malt whiskey without making huge sacrifices in quality.

Yamazaki 18 , the first whisky from Japan to win a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge, was first launched in 2000. In 2014, it was awarded 93 points by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible and crowned ‘Best Japanese whisky ever’ It has now been re-launched after a 2 year absence with a stunning new presentation and packaging.


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