Macallan 30 year old sherry oak




Macallan 30 year old sherry oak

Macallan 30 year old sherry oak is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of this much loved distillery. This fine example of oak aging sherry whisky has been aged for 30 years in ex-bourbon casks and finished in Oloroso sherry casks. This Macallan has an extremely rich, complex body that is best savored neat or over ice

The Macallan 30 comes in a hip flask shaped bottle, and is a true collector’s item.

Macallan 30 year old sherry oak, this single malt whisky is aged exclusively in Sherry Oake casks and bottled as a ‘proprietary’ expression of the Mcallan distillery. Bottled at 46.3% ABV, this spirit has received a very positive rating from users from the Ultimate Beverage Challenge:

The 30 year old is what we would call our flagship whisky, carrying the classic Macallan character, but with an extra twist of sherry oak. A level of spirit sweetness will delight any connoisseur of fine single malt whisky, who may wish to add a splash of water without compromising the integrity of this collector’s item

The Macallan is one of the most famous and sought-after malts in the world. This is the 30 year old sherry oak version, presented in a beautiful gift box.

Macallan 30 year old Sherry oak is one of the most imaginative and innovative releases from this distillery.

The Macallan 30 year old Sherry Oak is the pinnacle of Scotch Single Malt, crafted with immense skill and artistry. The highest quality sherry gives this fine dram its rich amber colour and maturing in oak casks imparts a full-bodied flavour.

This is a rare, limited edition of 30 year old Macallan. This special bottle comes in a beautiful wooden box and features the signature ‘gingerbread’ style bottle which is handcrafted by 12 craftsmen in the Macallan distillery. With just 1575 bottles being released worldwide, this is an investment piece you won’t want to miss out on.

Macallan 30 year old sherry oak, a legendary single malt with a rich and complex textured palate, matured predominantly in European oak sherry butts.

Macallan 30 year old sherry oak is robust and full flavoured with a rich texture, yet it is mellow and smooth with an appealing hint of sweetness.

Macallan 30 Year Old Sherry Oak is a special whisky, perfect for those who have an appreciation for extraordinary whiskies. Aged in hand-selected American Oak, this fine Scotch is produced as a limited edition release.

The Macallan’s beautifully balanced and elegant whisky is full of oak and rich fruity flavours, with a lingering sherry finish. The prominent aromas of vanilla and dried fruit are balanced by spice notes to create an approachable single malt whisky, perfect for enjoying neat or over ice.

The Macallan 30 year old Sherry Oak is a masterpiece of distillation. Pot distilled by our ninth generation Master Distiller and aged for 30 years in Sherry oak casks, this whisky delivers incredible complexity with the sweet smokiness of Spanish oak.

Macallan 30 year old sherry oak scotch whisky is the finest example of the distilleries craft. A blend of 30-year old malt and grain whiskies that have been matured in a combination of American oak and Spanish oak casks, this delicacy delivers notes of candied orange peel, dried fruits and sweet vanilla.

30 year old Macallan sherry oak whisky is not for the faint of heart—this is a big, bold whisky with all the smoke and fire you could possibly hope for.

The longer a whisky has been aged in oak casks, the more time it has had to develop its flavour. This 30 Years Old expression from Macallan is no exception, with more than three decades spent in oak casks. The result is a rich and complex whisky that is balanced by notes of soft spices, and a lingering sweetness


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